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Jermel Williams is a hidden gem in the gospel music industry. Jermel’s creativity,

diversity and vocal range give him a unique and distinct sound, thus carving his vocal

signature. He has been nominated for numerous awards in many different categories.

He performs internationally and is a sought-after vocalist; singing solos, enriching

choirs, and also collaborating in groups.

His blessed and unique talent has received parental and community nurturing from his

childhood. He traveled nationally with his mom, and the Voices of Greater Faith. This

recording choir, led by the late great Rev. C.L. Fairchild, instilled in him a deep passion

for gospel music.  While building his vocal talent in the Greater Faith youth choir, Jermel

was invited to sing in the varsity choir during his freshman year of high school. The choir

director was so impressed by his vocal range, that he placed him in the bass section,

primarily. Becoming increasingly cognizant of his blessed vocal versatility, the director

would even place Jermel in the 1 st  tenor section, dictated by need. It was here that

Jermel was introduced to singing musicals such as “Aladdin” and “Miss Saigon.” He

also learned a musical piece, in Latin entitled “Ave Verum Corpus” by Mozart.

Jermel loves sharing his gift for special occasions. He was requested to sing at a silver

wedding anniversary in, Negril, Jamaica.  In 2018, Jermel joined the Tommie’s Reunion

Choir and has toured all over the country with them. This legendary choir, Led by Pastor

Darius Brooks, has inspired Jermel to pursue the journey of being an independent

music artist. In September of 2020, Jermel, teamed up with multi-platinum producer

Antonio “Tizone” Streets and dropped the hit single “It feels Good.” This song

showcases Jermel’s brilliant singer/ songwriter abilities. Subsequently, in 2023, his

artistry was immeasurably affirmed by his winning the coveted “RHYTHM & PRAISE

SOLO Artist of the Year” award from the Prayze Factor through the International Music

Association. This has furthered the genesis of his independent music career.

With his humble reliance on God’s guidance, Jermel strives to integrate and maintain a

balance between his music career, being a father, a minister, and a philanthropist. He

spends time teaming up with local homeless shelters to provide the gospel and clothing

necessities to the homeless. He is an active member in the body of Christ and is

committed to serve in ways becoming of the gospel. Jermel is dedicated to using his

God given talents and gifts to serve not only God’s people, but the whole world. John



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(224) 267-5446

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